Boise Refugee Health

Coordination Toolkit


About this Toolkit

Your Guide to Refugee Healthcare Coordination in Boise, Idaho

Boise has a vibrant and growing population of individuals and families who came to the US with refugee status. Providing healthcare to meet the needs of this population requires a comprehensive approach to care management.

This toolkit serves as a guide to assist healthcare providers with the information and tools necessary to start providing services to individuals with refugee status.

Check back for frequent updates and new resources.



The Health subcommittee of Neighbors United is made up of healthcare providers and professionals who provide care to refugee populations here in Boise.


Who is resettling to Boise?

Boise is privileged to resettle individuals of many different backgrounds - including those coming from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

Since 2016, the majority of our resettled refugees have been of Congolese origin.


CDC Refugee Health Profiles

Click below for an excellent resource for health information on newly arriving refugees. 

Who are refugees?

Refugees individuals who are unable to return to their home countries because of fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.


Thank you for your interest in serving our refugee population.

We all need your care and commitment!